Ulvants England Product summer shoot

Ulvants England

Ulvants England Summer Product shoot

It was a real pleasure recently, shooting the summer studio product campaign for Ulvants England

“Based in Newcastle Upon Tyne, Ulvants England specialise in providing highly scented, luxury home fragrances that are perfect for breathing new life into your favourite spaces.

Perfect for filling the rooms that you spend the most time in, our hand poured candles and diffusers are available in 5 different fragrances, allowing refreshing scent levels in your home.

To add a luxurious and special dimension to our Ulvants England range, all of our products will arrive in our complimentary, This makes it the ultimate gift for someone you love or a special treat to yourself.

Using only the finest quality materials, Ulvants England prides itself on creating beautifully crafted candles and diffusers which are hand poured in Great Britain.

This is our constant inspiration, allowing us to create luxurious candles and diffusers that you and your home will love”.